Thursday, August 17, 2017

no cup of joe

Thursday Aug 17, 2017 - coffee cup crisis 
Apparently sometime during the daylight hours yesterday my favorite coffee cup was set down somewhere unusual in this house. I’m frustrated in my inability to locate this excellent coffee cup. After looking in a few obvious places like next to this computer I took a break from the search and drank some coffee with a backup cup.

I feel more upset than if this coffee cup had been dropped and broken. That would have be upsetting but at least I would have known what happened to it. Not knowing if it is still intact or broken somewhere increases the stress.

last seen 8/16/17 answers to "smell the coffee"

Our house is smaller than most so after the few rooms I would expect to see it sitting on table/shelf/box/something. Also, bothering me is how a missing coffee cup could upset me. Just adds yet another dimension to the dilemma. How could I misplace a useful clearly visible object like this? I’m one of few in the family that even drinks coffee. Hopefully writing about it will help me to move on.

That coffee cup has warmed my hands on countless mornings. The thick sides and well rounded rim keeps the coffee warm and flowing easily.

What will I misplace next?

I regularly derail my train of thought. I’ve gotten use to that. However I'm typically OCD about putting things back in the same place.

Oh, on a brighter note - did you see these cool eclipse stamps? My nice brother-in-law alerted me to this post office offering. I ran out to the post office to pick-up a sheet. These forever stamps ($0.49 ea) are sensitive to heat. The black moon clears to reveal the moon’s face after you hold your thumb on them. Also, so far I have not misplaced them. (I know I didn't bring my coffee cup to the post office)

sun moon stamps

BREAKING NEWS - Lisleman’s treasured coffee cup has been found. The cup is in fine condition. After a day long search by as many as 3 adults, the cup was discovered abandoned inside the microwave.

I was just about to publish this when she-who-found-it announced the news. I can’t believe I didn’t reheat leftovers today and found it myself. I'm feeling dumb now.

In celebration here’s a song about losing it by Lucinda Williams.

I think I lost it
Let me know if you come across it
Let me know if I let it fall along a back road somewhere.

Monday, August 14, 2017

an interesting short post

Short or long, I consider all my posts to be interesting. After all it's my blog.

my best fake picture

This is my story and I'm sticking to it.

So I was enjoying a new song by a singer/songwriter who tops my favorites list, Sheryl Crow. The song was "Alone In The Dark". It was the acoustic version and I actually find the full band studio version to be better. Ok, so what?

I spotted on that "magical-data-tracking" suggestion list offered by youtube a new song by Sheryl. Actually it was called a new instant song. What's an instant song? I don't care for instant coffee but this got my attention. The youtube title is "Sheryl Crow - "Dude, I'm Still Alive" (New Instant Song!) 28-07-2017". I'll include the clip at the bottom of the post.

The "Dude, I'm Still Alive" came about because of twitter and the announcement that Kid Rock is going to run for the Senate. As Sheryl often does, she wrote lyrics that match my thinking.

I like a president who's smart
And handles women with respect
Who doesn't tweet on the toilet
But perhaps waits for the Reagan desk

Here's a link to a Sheryl Crow fan web site with more background on the creation of this song.

Oh for more info on my best fake picture used above - read this old post.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Some day

Disclaimer: The following thoughts consisting of the following words are not all of my own creation. Many come from creative songwriters who have triggered congruent thoughts in my head.

Some day, yeah,
We’ll put it together and we’ll get it undone.
Some day,
When your head is much lighter

your head is much lighter now

Many work jobs with set hours. I have too, but the time-card punching ones fortunately were left for better ones long ago. Often during my career a work crisis/deadline would pressure me to work long hours. Sometimes those extra hours paid off. The downside of crisis managed work is burnout. I left one job because of feeling burned-out. Burning out goes along with heavy thoughts, not a much lighter head.

Now my head is much lighter (many parts do seem heavier though). Being retired is a 24 hour, 7 day gig. My mind is going but often my joints resist where it wants to go. My point is my current gig offers plenty of time to ponder. Maybe too much time.

Good lyrics create thoughts which I attempt to record/share here on this blog of mine.

You need a pulse to act on an impulse.

While not perfect, a one track mind does have direction.

We’ll put it together once we agree on the direction.

(one more that I have posted before) If your glass is always half empty - get a smaller glass.

In addition to listening to music we now have tweets twittered to the throngs. I’m still holding out of joining the twitter world but Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune shares his favorites. Here’s a two recent ones:

"If I ever owned a funeral home, I would name it 'Remains To Be Seen.'

Back in my day, the only people who said stuff like "back in my day" were old people. I sure am glad that's changed

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