Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I’m looking through you

I'm looking through you,
Where did you go?
I thought I knew you,
What did I know?
You don't look different, but you have changed.
I'm looking through you, you're not the same. (Beatles, Rubber Soul album)

Now according to all knowing wikipedia, this song was about Paul McCartney’s girlfriend Jane Asher. The lyrics describe that relationship moment when you start to see a different image of the other person than you had at the beginning.

Just the other day as I looked at my old self in the mirror it occurred to me these lyrics could apply to oneself. Where did that younger me go? I’m not the same. Why not apply it to the relationship we all have with ourselves?

I think the initial reaction to a noticing a change is negative but what if it is a change for the better. A few things have changed for the better. We can still step forward even though we have slipped behind.

The song reminded of the movie, “i am sam”. Great movie.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

surprise pie

As you go through life you quickly learn that not all surprises are good. This post is about a surprise pie so how could that possibly be bad? (I guess a surprise pie in the face might be but that's never happened to me)

Recently we were on a road trip. My recent post about the lighthouse was part of this trip. She-with-better-taste and I decided to stop in Savannah GA. on our route up to North Carolina. Many years ago (don't remember exactly) we spent a few days in Savannah at a very nice B&B.

Our journey this time was from the Florida panhandle to north of Charlotte NC. I wasn't keen on driving around the busy Atlanta area so we went up I-95 which goes near Savannah. She-with-better-taste suggested that we stop and eat at Lady and Sons restaurant. During our stay years ago we ate at an earlier Lady and Sons location (think it was Paula Deen's first one). Awesome delicious food. 

Our timing was prefect. We arrived around 4 pm but had eaten little on the long drive so we were hungry. I noticed a sign on the door telling customers that there might be some filming taking place. We got seated right away. Soon after the waitress finished taking our order a young woman approached us and asked if we would mind being filmed. She also told us we would get a free dessert and a surprise. We quickly agreed but I was a little worried I end up with a parking ticket if it ran long. The parking is a bit more of problem than I recall from our first visit to Savannah.

After we filled our plates from the great buffet and sat down we noticed the crew starting to setup. I called the young woman (director, film crew manager?) over and asked where makeup was. She chuckled and told me that group didn't come along for shoot. I probably could have used the makeup but at least she-with-better-taste reminded me to take off my hat.

The surprise was a delicious pecan pie delivered by Paula Deen herself. We were shocked. Paula is southern charm all around. We could have talked with her for hours. It was not long before smartphones were pointed at our area from all directions. A line formed to get selfies with Paula. I've been looking on youtube for a video taken by one of those smartphones. Also, I learned the filming will shown on Paula's Evine channel but have not found it yet.

Thankfully my wife thought of taking this picture of Paula and me. We sent the news of our surprise to the relatives and her brother texted back "Paula Deen and Colonel Sanders must be great chicken".

colonel Sanders with Paula

Lastly: St. Patrick's day is just a hours away as I post this so here's a St. Patrick's day greeting from our youngest granddaughter.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

keeping time making time

Oh I just don't care for this seasonal change of the clock time. I just don't see the sense of it anymore. It just confuses our bodies.

If I need a bit of confusion, I can watch a mystery movie or talk to a relative who disagrees with my worldview. I suspect there are people who enjoy turning back the hands of time every fall.

My quick internet search on this annoying subject turned up the idea of permanent daylight saving time. Just switch it and keep it forever. Russia tried this back in 2011 but the people hated it and in 2014 they reverted back to winter and summer switching of the time as we do here.

clock with big hands

For most clocks the tough part of this hour switching (most digital clocks are now completely automatic so you just wake up and wonder why it seems so early) is just remembering which clocks need a turn of hands. Not too bad compared to turning clock hands that are much larger than a man. I found an interesting clip about Big Ben timekeepers.

Changing to the new time twice a year is big deal for the timekeepers of Big Ben. They use the opportunity to also do maintenance on this old machine and monitor it so it's time is within a second of the world standard time. This huge machine is adjusted by placing/removing pennies on the pendulum.

Oh my blog allows you to go back in time and read an old post. Here's one about time titled, "take your time it's about time".

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